Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current testing is performed on non-ferromagnetic materials for surface and sub surface discontinuities, and on ferromagnetic materials for surface breaking discontinuities in accordance with ASME V, BS EN 1711, AS4544 and other Standards.

Radiographic testing method is useful for the detection of internal flaws in many different materials and configurations especially used for quality assurance of castings, forgings and welds. An appropriate radiographic film is placed behind the test specimen and is exposed by passing either X-rays or gamma rays through it.

Typical applications include

  • Tubes in air-conditioning chillers, refinery exchangers / condensers.
  • Welds surface inspection under non conductive coatings in pressure vessels, piping, structural and lifting equipment.
  • Surface inspection of plates and materials for cracking.
  • Non conductive and conductive coating thickness testing.
  • Sorting of metals and conductivity checks.

Eddy current testing electrical currents are generated a conductive material by an induced magnetic field. Distortions in the flow of the electric current (eddy currents) caused by imperfections or changes in a materials conductive properties will cause changes in the induced magnetic field. These changes, when detected, indicate the presence of the imperfection or change in the test material.

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