Metal Lab is the NABL accredited company that meets all technical requirements for testing. We keep our laboratory up-to-date with advanced tools and technology in current trend. We follow an efficient management system with technical competency by training our laboratory personnel. We use the standard testing methods and procedures in addition to timely maintenance and calibration of the equipments that are used in testing processes. We strive to maintain the consistency in the analytical processes we do.

We with NABL accreditation, focus to meet all demands of our clients. We focus on achieving customer trust and confidence by providing reliable and accurate testing results. We periodically review the management to bring a continual improvement in the process used for testing. In order to assure the quality of tools, we participate in the inter-laboratory proficiency program for testing which further enhances our skills and knowledge in the industry.

Metal Lab features:
» Metal Testing Lab
» NABL Testing Lab
» NABL Testing

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