Non-Destructive Testing

Metal Lab provides the Non-Destructive testing services for industries in India and foreign countries. Our certified technicians and professionals for the Non-destructive testing services provide NDT inspections for all industries. We as the certified and leading testing company in the industry, have the complete capability to serve our clients with determination meeting all their demands without any hassle. Be it a small or large NDT project, we with years of experience can provide quality service with cost-effectiveness.

Our Non-Destructive Testing Services Include:
» Non Destructive Testing
» Ultrasonic Testing
» Dye Penetrant Testing
» Radiographic Testing
» Magnetic Particle Testing
» Eddy Current Testing
» Vibration Analysis
» Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Testing
» TOFT & Phased Array UT

In addition to offering NDT services, our experts can also perform inspection services. Our lab is well-equipped with all tools and technologies to do multiple part inspections. We also do inspections at field locations on request from our clients.

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